The OnCourseScorecard for IOS or trainingOnCourse for Android provides the golfer to capture data during a round on the course. This is an app, which is independent from the course the player is playing. There are no downloads neccessary, there is no internet access neccessarx during capturing the data.

At the beginning of the round the player can enter the course data (PAR, Slope and CR) When the player entered his personal hadicap, the personal course hadicap will be calculted and shown on the form. After selecting the teebox, the player wants to start, the button for entering the dt for the first hole will be activted. At the following page, the player enters PAR, HCP and Length of the hole to play. He also can define the pin position and the wind direction. Now he can play the hole and the ball is holed, the results stokes and stableford points will be schown in the scorecard. There is no need for playing hole by hole. The player is free in defining the holes he want to play.

The first screenshot shows the definition page for the course to play:

the second screenshot shows the definition page for a hole to play:

The third screenshot shows the result after returning to the first screen:

Now the hole can be played, by pressing the "Play defined hole" button the following screen appears:

The player selects a button, thenall others will be disabled.

With selecting the button "next shot" the stroke will be counted and all buttons will be enabled for the next shot. If the selection was not correct, the player can select the button "correct", all buttons will be enabled again and the player can reenter the correct selection. The number of hits will be counted and shown at the top of the screen. After the button "holed" will be pressed, the followin screeen will be shown.

Now the next hole can be defined for playing. By pressing the "Show Scorecard" button the following scorecard will be shown to the golfer:

After the round is finished the results can be send by email. The format is a csv file, which can be imported into a EXCEL sheet for example for further usage, for analysing or statistiacal purpuses. The following screen shot shows the export functionality.

By pushing the button, the the mail client will be started.

The clients are available for IOS and Android!