The tuckertest is a couple of shortplay diciplines in golf. Tuckertest contains the diciplines short putting, long putting, chipping, short pitching , long pitching and bunker shots as well as for shots out of trouble. Each dicipline contains a numer of exercises and for each exercise there are specific aims defined, the plaer has to reach for a successful shot. For example for the dicipline long putting, there are to exercises. In one of these exercises, the player has to hit 5 balls from a distance of 18 yards or meters to  circle around the hole of the length of a putter. If the player reaches the aim, he gets a point. For this exercise the player can reach 5 points. For all exercises such aims are defined. Within the app the player can select the number of successful shots for each exercise. The reached number of points within a dicipline correspond to a shortplay handicap. There are shortplay handicaps for short putting, long putting, chipping and so on, as well as for all diciplines in total. The player starts the app, selcets the dicipline, then he selects the exercise and then he can select the number of successful hits. The shows him the reached points as well as the corresponding shortgame handicap for the dicipline. During the training he can switch to the result page and the app will calculate the total shortgame hadicap for him .

The first screenshot shows the exercises, that can be used.

By selecting a exercise the screeen for performing the exercise shows up.

or with a different result.

Each of these exercise screeens is self explaining. At the top the screen the results of the exersice will be shown.

On the results tab, all results and the reuslts over all exercises will be shown.

After the round is finished the results can be send by email. The format is a csv file, which can be imported into a EXCEL sheet for example for further usage, for analysing or statistiacal purpuses. The following screen shot shows the export functionality.

By pushing the button, the the mail client will be started.

The clients are available for IOS and Android!

OnCourseScorecard / Android